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Summer 2020


Living through History! Spring 2020 in the Meadow Class


As we are all now working at home, it is worth reminding ourselves of the fantastic progress which the Juniors made at Long Lane before our worlds changed!


Everyone made super progress in their writing, starting with detailed newspaper reports on an unfortunate accident involving a banana skin or an unexpected attack on the school by a fire-breathing dragon!  The peak of everyone’s writing skills came with their contrasting atmospheric description of the 24 hours in Pompeii at the time of the deadly, terrifying volcanic eruption.  Crazy inventions such as the doggie umbrella and transport solutions of the future, led to some excellent explanation texts.  We started to hone our skills as playwrights, drafting ideas for a play set in a variety of settings.


We became experts on the Romans, learning about the hard life in the army, the reasons for the successful and unsuccessful invasions of the UK, the legacy the Romans brought to the UK, their roads and how they were built. Towards the end of the term, we acted out and sang to a Roman play, Rocking Romans. There was fascination with aqueducts, drains and toilet facilities!  Our aqueducts were awesome!

Science led us into the world of materials, where we learnt that all materials are made from particles, the way these are attached determining whether they are solids, liquids or gases.  We investigated solutions and the amount of solute which a liquid could take before it was saturated. We discovered that materials have varying properties and that these are important in determining their use. A practical session looking at reversible and non-reversible changes got quite messy, involving chocolate, butter, egg, wax…


In our Art lessons, we created some amazing mosaics, using authentic colours from the Roman period.  Everyone evaluated their mosaic at home – they will be put up in the classroom very soon!  D&T had to be completed at home.  The Roman sandals were very impressive!

Our children showed their thoughtful nature in both RE (Looking at leaders from different faiths and their qualities) and PSHE (Considering why we need rules, why we have rights and how we show that we are responsible.)  Additionally, of course, we raised money for Comic Relief and continued our efforts for the Hope Centre in Derby.


I continue to be very proud of the work which our Meadow Class children do.  We achieve a huge amount in every school day, as I’m sure you can see from the learning you are continuing to do in your “home-schools”.  I am looking forward to the time when we can all return to our unique Long Lane community.


Mrs McManus