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KS2 Topics

An exciting term in the Meadow Class! (Spring 2019)


We seemed to pack a huge amount into the second half of the term! In Science, we have become experts on sound and how it is received by our ears. This has led to some excellent explanations, using correct scientific vocabulary - who would have thought that we would all be able to understand and describe our Eustachian Canal and our Cochlea, not to mention the three tiny bones (hammer, anvil and stirrup) in the middle part of our ear.


Designing, creating and evaluating our musical instruments was the focus for our D&T this term.  The children were set the task of ensuring that the instruments made a sound and that the sound could be changed.  Well done to all of you – not an easy task.


More writing followed, with some interesting argument and discussions texts.  We started by discussing such subjects as “Should we have homework?”, “moving onto “Are mobile phones a good or a bad thing?”  We later converted the classroom into our own debating chamber, discussing the motion: “Young people should not be allowed to drive until they are 18.”  The result? A draw!  The Meadow Class showed themselves to be skilled debaters, making points for and against the motion.  Even Brexit found its way into our classroom, with the Year 5 and 6 children proving that they could put forward valid arguments for and against such a complex issue.


Once again, we entered the Qegs Primary Dance Festival, putting on a fantastic performance of Cupid Shuffle, a modern version of an American line dance. We had an incredible day, watching other schools performing dances from around the world and taking part in dance workshops, including Bollywood and African dance.  We will be back next year!


As part of our Islamic topic, we welcomed Nahida from the Open Centre, who gave a personal account of her visit to Mecca on the Hajj pilgrimage and also explained her commitment to prayer 5 times a day.  We wrote a diary to describe how it would feel to experience this holy place.


Add to this a joint day at Marston to celebrate Red Nose Day and a lovely Easter Service to end the term.  We look forward to a busy Summer Term, more details to follow soon.