Early Help at The Acorn Partnership


At the Acorn Partnership we work with QEGS Early Help.


QEGS Early Help is a voluntary based service that will offer children, young people and their families whose needs require some extra co-ordinated support from more than one agency. QEGS Early Help will work together with these agencies to agree what help may be needed to support a child or young person at an early stage.


QEGS Early Help will work alongside children, young people and families that would benefit from or who require extra co-ordinated support to improve education (including home education or any other specialist education provision), parenting and/or behaviour support, targeted group work, support for specific health, development or emotional needs possibly though 1:1 support, group work or signposting and to help support their material situation. This will identify children at low risk of exploitation e.g. sexual, financial, emotional and criminal.


The Early Help process is used with an assessment, and a clear plan for review to ensure that the help on offer is making a difference. This would be coordinated and managed by a QEGS Early Help Practitioner.