Key Information - Religious Education

How do we teach Religious Education at Long Lane?

Religious Education is taught for one hour each week by the class teacher and is an important part of our Church School curriculum. The Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus is followed on a three (KS1) or four (KS2) year rolling cycle, to ensure full and progressive coverage of the curriculum across each year group. Particular emphasis is placed on celebrating Christmas and Easter each year.

We believe that RE is an important part of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our pupils learn to:

  • develop awareness of the basic questions of life raised by human experiences, and of how religious teachings and other beliefs relate to them.
  • respond to and ask questions about the teachings and practices of religions and other beliefs, relating them to their own understanding and experience.
  • reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences in the light of what they learn.
  • develop positive attitudes of respect towards other people who hold views and beliefs different from their own in a society of diverse religions and belief.

Children use the Bible as part of their learning. The curriculum covers the creation, important festivals in several faiths, diverse places of worship and inspirational people. Learning relates to the children's own lives and experiences. The Curriculum, which follows the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus and Understanding Christianity, covers Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam, as well as exploring, in KS2, those who do not believe.

Links are strong with our local church, Christ Church, Long Lane, which is just across the road! This is where we meet to celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter as well as performing our annual Christmas nativity and our end of year Leavers’ Service.
Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. (SIAMS):

We are very proud of our SIAMS inspection outcomes when many aspects of a church school are inspected including Collective Worship and the teaching of Religious Education. In our March 2017 inspection we were graded as a GOOD church school.

One of the many complimentary statements in the SIAMS report:

Long Lane is a welcoming, inclusive church school, which demonstrates a strong feel of every child being unique and a child of God.
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