Governors at The Acorn Partnership

Welcome to our Governor page.


The Governors of The Acorn Partnership are responsible for both Long Lane Church of England Primary School and Marston Montgomery Primary School.

 The Roles, Procedures and Allowances Regulations set out the key functions of the governing body, which are to:

  • ensure that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined;

  • ensure that the head teacher performs his or her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school; and

  • ensure the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

They also set out that the headteacher is responsible for the internal management, control and educational performance of the school and make clear that s/he is accountable to the governing body in relation to all her/his responsibilities and must comply with any reasonable request of the governing body.

 In order to fulfil our statutory duties our Governing body meets six times a year (every school half term). At each meeting, there is a formal agenda and our Clerk to the Governors takes the minutes of the meeting. The Headteacher updates the Headteacher’s Report for each meeting, other information that helps Governors to monitor the school’s work is also provided, e.g. attainment and the school improvement plan.

During the meetings, Governors also share their completed Governor Visit forms and approve any new or reviewed policy documents.  Between meetings Governors make both formal and informal visits to the school on a regular basis to ensure that they are knowledgeable and informed about the school.

 Governors can be involved in any recruitment process, including observing applicants teaching and taking part in formal interviews. Governors attend regular training sessions, including induction training and safeguarding training.


The term of office for all Governors is 4 years.

Our Clerk to Governors is Amanda Lovett. Mrs Lovett can be contacted on acornfederationclerk@marstonmontgomery.derbyshire.sch.uk.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors please email ryemm@acornfed.derbyshire.sch.uk or contact the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Lovett.