School Values and Ethos

Our School Aims

To provide a happy, secure learning environment for all children

To actively engage children in learning

To foster a caring, family atmosphere in which everyone's contribution to the life of the school has equal value

To enable a broad, balanced, appropriate and relevant curriculum for every child suited to their needs, abilities and interests

To equip children with the basic literacy, numeracy and reference skills to make full use of the learning opportunities offered in their future Secondary Schools

To allow children to fulfil their own potential

To help all children to gain confidence, self-respect and a positive self-image

To encourage curiosity and open mindedness

To promote a Christian ethos within the life of the school which reflects its Anglican Foundation

To provide a moral code of behaviour

To encourage children to participate in all the physical and creative arts activities available to them

To prepare children for life in a multi-cultural society by developing knowledge, tolerance and understanding of other faiths and cultures

To work in partnership with families and the community